House of Pomegranates

To him who on a lute with horns of pearl sang of the white feet of a golden girl

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I love "Velvet Goldmine," but absolutely hate "Moulin Rouge."

I seem to have a weakness for top hats. The late 19th century flutters my heart with delight.

My favorite pastime is watching weird movies at 3 am.

If you somehow surfed onto my journal and found it interesting, feel free to friend me: just know that I don't automatically friend back. If you care to be friended back and/or plan on commenting in my journal, it'd be nice if you introduced yourself, just so that I'm aware of who you are. (If you don't, I might not know you friended me till months later!) If I don't friend you back, I hope you won't take it as an insult--I try to keep my friends list pretty limited for easy reading and privacy. If you just want to lurk, then you can ignore all of the above, since I have no problem with being on anybody's friends list.

Meanwhile, a tip: I don't like hate of any kind. And I do mean of any kind. (...I suppose "Moulin Rouge" is an exception.) But no, really. Serious hatred of any groups or individuals, even those who practice hatred or hateful acts themselves, is very much not my thing. If you express it, don't expect me to condone it.

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